Monday, March 06, 2006

Stone chip repair

Align Centre

Stone chips are the most common form of damage on cars today mainly due to the amount of motorway miles that we do.

If left untreated Stone chips will rust and the results will be a significant drop in your cars resale value.

The following information shows step by step instructions on how to tackle the problem to prevent rust/corrossion and to dramaticaly improve the appearance of the panel.

Step 1.
Locate your cars paint code found under the bonnet, on the drivers or passenger side door pillar or under the boot lid. If you cant find the code call your local dealership who will give you the paint code in exchange for your chassis plate number.

Step 2.
Take the paint code to your nearest Halfords or motor factors and they will either give you a colour matched paint or mix the paint for you. Mixed paint is always the best.

Step 3.
Clean the area thoroughly.

Step 4.
Apply 1 drop of paint into the centre of the chip with the end of an unfolded paper clip. This method is much more accurate than using a fine brush as the paint sits inside the chip rather than covering it with a big blob of paint.

Step 5.
Allow the paint to dry for 5-10 minutes then if needed apply 1 more drop of paint to the centre of the chip. Allow to dry again. Do this until the new paint is about 1 milimetre above the level of the rest of the panel.

Step 6.
Ensure the paint is fully dry then polish the panel thoroughly. This will flat the new paint to blend in with the old and your repair is complete.

If you would like us to repair your stone chips for you visit for full details.


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